segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2009

Ah, but I did not say that everything would be resolved at the end of the week? Yeah, it was so special. Dance, dance, dance ... be demand and can not find ... to think is best forgotten, surprises are more pleasant and suddenly, looking at the side, I see you. Neither gave you believe, and again, like that other day, disguise. A minute later I was talking to This is impressive as it is magical. I do not know what I was doing there, but was, now is no time for regrets. I chose well and so we will have to remain. I only know that I liked very much ... big hug given with the excuse of being cold, or that what happened before the first kiss. Alias, which was the first kiss ... interest, not that I wanted more desgrudar mouth! I would take a piece of those lips on me! But I will not create too much expectation ... planted the seed, let's see if it will grow, or will remain just a seed in this arid land.

And what God is right!

E and take care of your love, whoever.

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