quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009

I just do not know what to do ... everything is so confusing now, without you. Frankly, I thought I would not change much. Things took a direction very complicated, difficult to understand, and that was it was more complicated. I came to be what I wanted. I came back to act in a totally different way, a way which is not good for me ... which is not good for anyone ... but few people know. Damn, this could not be happening! Why everything has to be that way? Why can not continue to be as it was when I was with you? Why can not I feel that peace again? Why was I back to the world? Like all those songs again, singing as before, talking as before, to live as before ... I can not complain now, I chose well. I can 't be talking ill of me, and saying that the fault is only mine and no other. I wanted so c. And do not feel the slightest desire to change again, why, why am I not ...?
I did not want anything like that happen, and yes you were important to me, but today I do not like most of you. Nor will I still say that you love, that I would be lying ... and comes to lie, do not you think? Not only was I wrong in this story. Obviously he had a reason for everything that has happened, but I still do not understand ... and still do not understand why we joined. To make us cry and you make me lie? I can not understand. Love existed, and existed. But the end of the story could be happy, at least a little happier ... and not leaving things as they are. Why today I feel willing to talk, and did not think it strange. It is as if I do not care nothing, for I knew someone different ... but I know someone who does not deserve and that will also be a simple story with a happy end but maybe it will not do anything good for me. I can not deceive me. I will not deceive me. And do not try me convercer anything, not now. When I need you I look ... when I hold no more living in this nightmare I seek you ... and incredible as it seems I will say that I miss you and that God want me again.

This reality is a torture for me.

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  1. "A verdade é que todos vão te ferir. Você só pode escolher por quem vale a pena sofrer"
    Não sei quem é o autor.

    Mas na dor a gente cresce, não é mesmo? Hoje, isso já não ficou claro? ^^