sábado, 6 de junho de 2009

It is not easy. But admit that rolor a feeling in those moments of relaxation ... face, nor I knew anything. I do not know why I was there, I do not know what was happening in my head avoada. I regret I can not. Ah, but a shoulder was so good there in the beginning. But had to be the shoulder, the one who pointed the camera as soon as I arrived ... that was close then, and in the end, by my side. And the music playing and all eyes would again be lost, and time passing, and my inner conflict was beginning ... was wanting to let me nervous, anxious to leave me, leave me feeling all at once. But stop! Do not do anything ... think about everything around you girl, think that you are there ... with that much courage to talk after you've been there before ... Actually you do not have word, his thoughts are very confused. You at least can be understood? No. I knew. Most logical thing ... But now I think you better make that meeting a chance. That is, until I am emotional. The person appears to be legal, try, and if not, quit. But do not say I did not tried. And if you regret ... too late, baby ... you are the world again!

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